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About Us

Since 1947…

Krishnalal Ramji Damania’s European Clientele could not convince their ‘ladies dress maker’ to shift shop. If he had, there would have been no birth of Bridal Form in 1947.

Bridal Form, the leading brand in Indian Brassieres celebrated is golden jubilee in 1997. Its office is in Kandivali.

Bridal Form is part of our tradition’ proclaims its ad and features women from three successive generations of a family. An appropriated. Like the three generations of Damanias, involved with Bridal Form

No, Company in India epitomises the spirit of womanhood in India as much as Bridal form does. The mantle doesn’t rest easy on their shoulders.

Bridal form, the leading brand in Indian brassieres celebrated its golden jubilee in 1997. It is perhaps the oldest surviving lingerie company in India.

Bridal Form has seen the wind of change. From women s casual interest In an item of that extreme consciousness of a garment of fashion.

This a port the company has given innovative products of most down to earth prices. In today’s times the relevance of Bridal From is more and why today the relevance of Bridal Form will always remain, for as long as there are women there always will be Bridal Form to clad women through the ages.